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Wenxing Single Cutter Machines


These machines have only one cutter and guide and used for making only automobile keys and cylinder keys. The basic model is 218D, then comes 218E, then 298C, 201C, 233, 233A and at last 233B the most heavy duty machine. We welcome queries from all over India.

Wenxing 218D


1)Basic model machine.
2)Due to it's compactness and light weight(9 kg),portable.
3)Though basic model,good level of precision.
4)Very user friendly,you can operate with single hand.
5)Optional carbide cutter for better performance in terms of extra life and burr free cutting.

Wenxing 218E


1)The next better machine than 218D.
2)Weight is same 9 kg,hence portable.
3)Has an extra micro-adjustment.You can adjust the depth of cut upto 0.02 mm.Very usefull for cutting old,worn out keys.
4)Has a lager polycarbonate cover over the cutter.Better than 218D.Cutting scrap does not come to operator's face.
5)Optional carbide cutter for better performance.

Wenxing 283B


1)Runs on both AC and DC.
2)Customers who do not have power cut,but voltage is fluctuating,can use this machine.Because DC motor runs from an accumulator placed inside the machine at the bottom.So voltage fluctuation will not be a problem.
3)Provision to connect external vehicle battery to run the machine.This is helpfull when there is power cut or for road side key cutters who do not have power supply connection or when machine needs to be carried to site.
4)Ergonomical vises that can accomodate any size and type of automobile or cylinder keys.
5)Spring loaded stopper adds to the convenience of cutting any type cylinder keys.
6)Micro-adjustments facilitates cutting worn out keys.
7)Lamp provided for focussing light on job.
8)Heavy base.Hence no vibration even for keys with deep grooves.
9)Steel brush provided for de-burring.
10.Optional Tungsten Carbide Cutter for better performance.

Wenxing 201C


1)Heavy duty machines for automobiles and cylinder keys.No vibration.
2)Very convenient operation with single hand.
3)Hand Lever mechanism enables deep cuts also very quickly.
4) Very convenient for Left hand operators.
5)Ergonomical vises to hold any length,any size and any type of autonobile or cylinder keys.
6)Spring loaded stopper helps to align and clamp any type of cylinder key.
7)Lamp provided to focus light on job.
8)Transparent glass Shield provided to prevent operator's face from cutting scrap from cutter.
9)Steel wire brush provided for burr removal.
10)Micro-adjustment provided to cut worn out keys also.
11)Optional Tungsten Carbide Cutter for improved performance in terms of extended life and burr removal while cutting.